EastPack: Warehouse Storage Management Software

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A warehouse management system is very important for most warehouses and a must for warehouse operations and storage purposes. Nowadays, many warehouse management systems are introduced and because of the great number, from order picking systems to storage systems, it can be confusing to choose the system for you and in fact, a lot of people commit mistakes regarding their choice.

A warehouse storage system is also called a warehouse management system because it refers to storage equipment’s that are used to help you easily manage your warehouse and keep the workers as well as the products and items inside the warehouse safe.

A warehouse storage system is considered as one of the best storage solutions because of the many benefits.it can offer to warehouse owners.

  • A more organized warehouse. A warehouse storage system makes the warehouse more organized. In fact, the organization of a warehouse is the main purpose of these systems and so, they are created to provide warehouse owners and workers the convenience of managing or maintaining a warehouse. It can be hard to maintain or manage a warehouse especially if the products are in a total mess and since
    a storage system can help you have a more organized warehouse; you will be saved from the stress of maintaining a warehouse.
  • A safer warehouse for products and workers. A warehouse storage system makes a warehouse organized and an organized warehouse is a safer warehouse as it means there is no mess that can threaten the safety of the workers while working. Plus, with these systems, the products or goods are also kept safe and protected as they are placed inside their proper places.
  • Time and effort savings. Maintaining a warehouse can be very time-consuming especially if you are manually keeping track of all the items and manually taking the items out of other containers and back.
    But if you have a warehouse storage system, you can save time and effort since it would be easier for you to keep track of the items, store or take these items out of their containers.
  • Space-savings. Since a warehouse storage system organizes a warehouse, it also saves space since this system allows the stacking of items high up above instead of cramming them all in one post making the warehouse crowded.

When managing a warehouse, it is not enough to envision that you will be storing a lot of products or items inside it so you need a bigger warehouse. Rather, you also need to envision how you are going to manage such a big warehouse and therefore, it means you need to ensure you have a warehouse storage system to help you as well.

EastPack is an automated warehouse storage solution, a system that communicates with hardware like sensors, conveyors and event driven crane system and provides a solution that is responsible for ingesting (taking pallets into the warehouse), transferring (shuffling the location of the pallet inside the warehouse) and extracting (taking pallets out of the warehouse).

Michael Lindsay, General Manager @Impresa Tech is leading a team of highly talented software developers, custom integrators, and evangelists who reengineer business processes – reducing technology debt.


The main objective of this project to provide a storage solution at Collins Lanes to manage the space available in the warehouse in a way that less time is required, minimal men-effort is required and space is used in a cost-efficient way.
There was also requirement for multi-threaded, queue management system and generic warehouse storage solution that needs to be integrated with EastPack.

EastPack: Warehouse Storage Management Software